Antidumping Enforcement – Good For Jamaica

Andrew Mighty - Senior Economist

Andrew Mighty – Senior Economist

Unfettered free trade does not assure a country’s economic growth and development goals. Profitable trade flows are required. To succeed in international trade, countries must apply trade rules in their national interest with accuracy and dexterity.

On Sunday May 3, 2015, the Gleaner published an opinion piece from guest columnist Dr. Kevin Harriott, Economist and Competition Bureau Chief at the Fair Trading Commission (FTC), titled “Anti-dumping enforcement bad for consumers.” The article is riddled with inaccuracies and is a markedly deficient assessment of the impact of antidumping enforcement actions in the Jamaican marketplace. Some of the inaccuracies are addressed here. Read more at:

This article is in response to an opinion piece from guest columnist Dr. Kevin Harriott, Competition Bureau Chief at the FTC, called “Anti-dumping enforcement bad for consumers” which was published in the Gleaner on Sunday May 3, 2015. The link is at:

The Staff of the Commission used the opportunity to try to clear misconceptions, educate readers and lend proper perspective to this important area of trade policy and national development. The Staff submitted an article in rebuttal, called “Antidumping enforcement – Good for Jamaica” which was carried in the Business Section of the Sunday Gleaner, June 14, 2015.