The Commission has been the subject of such positive observations by trade remedies experts as: 

“Jamaica has modern, up-to-date antidumping and subsidies/countervail legislation and regulations and a safeguards law, together with developed administrative processes and procedures for conducting investigations.”

“Indeed, the Commission could be regarded as an administrative model for other countries in the region;”


“… it is recommended that other countries adopt a coordinated approach to developing safeguards laws, drawing as much as possible on the Jamaican model.”

The foregoing are excerpts from “Implementation of WTO Commitments in the Caribbean Community, CARICOM/IDB Project, Report on the Status of Implementation of the WTO Agreements on Trade Remedies,” Roy Hines, Consultant, Centre for Trade Policy and Law, Ottawa, Canada, October 2002.

“I have to congratulate Jamaica [the Commission] on its very high level of expertise …. We will from now on hold you up as an example of what can be achieved in a short period of time by a developing country.”
Excerpt from Remarks by Johann Human, Counsellor, Rules Division, WTO, Five-Time Panelist, Faculty Member, World Trade Institute, University of Berne, March 2003.