Agrofest 2017

The Anti-dumping and Subsidies Commission Prepares for Kingston and St. Andrew Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show (Agrofest) 2017

On the invitation of the President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, the Anti-dumping and Subsidies Commission (the Commission) will participate in the Kingston and St. Andrew Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show (Agrofest) on Saturday, May 20, 2017. The event will be staged on the grounds of Jamaica College, 189 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6 from 8 o’clock a.m. to 5 o’clock p.m.

The Staff of the Commission will use the opportunity to educate the public, providing information about the Commission’s role in levelling the playing field for producers in Jamaica to thrive in the global trading environment. Information will be on display and promotional items will be given away. Persons stopping by the Commission’s booth will be able to schedule follow-up appointments with the Staff for in-depth discussion and instruction on the use of trade remedies; data analysis; the process of filing a complaint with the Commission; and import monitoring strategies that Jamaican industries can use to defend their place in the global marketplace.

Here are some of the highlights from last year’s staging of Agrofest.