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Executive Director

Executive Director

Our primary goal is to ensure equity in international trade. The Commission was established in 1999 to help prevent our nation’s producers from being negatively affected by imports.

The Commission is made up of a Board of five Commissioners and is staffed by a vibrant and talented team of technical analysts that specialize in the areas of law, finance and economics. We investigate and use trade remedy rules under the Customs Duties (Dumping and Subsidies) Act 1999 and the Safeguards Act 2001, to defend local producers from harm caused by unfairly priced (dumped or subsidized) imports or by surges in the volume of goods imported into Jamaica.

We know that the word, “dumping” might conjure up an idea of the disposal of waste, expired products, sub-standard goods or excess production. However, we address a different type of dumping, the dumping of imports on our local markets. What this Commission does is protect Jamaican industries from unfairly priced or increased imports, where these are harming the Jamaican producers of similar products. How do we do this? The Commission’s staff investigates complaints of dumped, subsidized or increased imports into Jamaica and submits their analyses to the Commissioners. The Commissioners make decisions based on the evidence before them about whether to apply or recommend tariffs (anti-dumping or countervailing duties) or quotas (safeguard measure) on imports.

In addition to conducting investigations, we are also equipped to assist our Jamaican exporters of goods into other markets to understand the application of these same rules in other countries.

The Commission is also committed to the education of our domestic industry and others in the community who wish to know more about International Trade, Trade Remedies and the rules of the World Trade Organization. We hold training seminars for industry groups and companies’ management and staff, which need to know about our work.
With our knowledge of the specific disciplines, as well as a range of trade issues, we provide advice and conduct research. In fact, the Commission is an active member of the Jamaica Trade and Adjustment Team (JTAT), spearheaded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. As part of this team we have helped to develop our negotiating positions on trade matters. We have also been called upon to offer advice and technical assistance regionally and internationally, including participating actively in the current round of World Trade Organization negotiations and on specific disputes between trading partners.

I encourage you to call or visit us, and to explore the information on this website in order to know more about the work of the Anti-dumping and Subsidies Commission. The phenomenon of globalization continues to impact nearly every aspect of our lives. Learn more about the tools used to defend your industry from the potentially negative impact of imports, or to defend your exports in an overseas market. We sincerely hope you will use the material on this website or speak with us, to have your questions about Trade Remedies and related matters answered or feel free to just bring yourself up to speed on a few of the myriad trade issues out there!

Working to ensure a level playing field for domestic industry and committed to supporting your success in business.

Andrea Marie Dawes,