Public Education

The Anti-dumping and Subsidies Commission (ADSC) conducts public education drives focusing on industry players in the manufacturing sector in particular but other stakeholders in general with the ultimate aim of facilitating a better understanding of trade remedies and greater access to trade remedies where there are instances of unfair trade practices.


The increasingly complex commercial landscape requires that not only manufacturers, but also importers, exporters, government regulatory agency personnel, labour, others involved in commerce, and the general public develop greater facility with international trade, trade remedies, and the basics of the framework of rules within which businesses must operate.

The Commission, with the support of JAMPRO-Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP) mounted a massive and well-received island-wide Public Education campaign on the subject:

“Trade Remedies Might Help Your Business Survive Globalisation”
The Anti-dumping and Subsidies Commission Teaches The Nuts and Bolts of
Anti-dumping and Subsidies, and Safeguards

The Commission’s Staff and Consultants travelled to Mandeville, Montego Bay and Port Antonio and back to Kingston to present four three-day workshops designed to equip businesses and their advisors with the tools necessary for industry to take advantage of available international trade remedies.


As the commercial landscape grows increasingly complex, the Agreements and Rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Regional Trade Agreements have a direct impact on you, whether you are an importer, exporter, or otherwise involved in commerce. It is important for you to understand international trade, trade remedies, and the basics of the rules within which businesses must operate.

Contact the Anti-dumping and Subsidies Commission to train your managerial, accounting, legal or other staff at your convenience or for information on the next seminar by the Commission.

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