(2006/2007 )

The Government of Jamaica, as part of a clearly articulated public sector modernisation programme, has identified the need for institutional capacity building initiatives to enable public sector entities to better serve the needs of private sector development. A key component in the context of international trade is to increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and enable them to take advantage of opportunities presented by increased market access globally. This requires institutional support, information, and data to gain entry into new markets and to maintain market share.

The Commission has secured international donor funding to assist in its efforts, which form a vital part of the overall strategy of the Government of Jamaica to enable business, and in particular, small and medium-sized enterprises, to better navigate the world of international trade through the provision of relevant data and information, as well as technical expertise. The Commission anticipates and actively pursues avenues for these benefits to accrue not only to Jamaican businesses, but also to the private sector throughout the region.